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Intestinal 1 (Intestinal Rejuvenation Program)

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Just started colon cleanse 01/22/2024
By Ginger Cox
I’ve had 30+ years of constipation which I think was largely due to hypothyroidism. I treated myself with magnesium and other supplements to battle this. I also have 30 years of bladder infections which none of my vitamins or medication maintenance helped. After learning about the layers of nonessential crap laying dormant in my intestines in one of the docu-series, I looked up Dr Foster’s website. More chock full of information nuggets. I am on the Colon Vibrant and Colon Detox pills, currently in my third week. I stopped all of my favorite vitamin supplements. I am very surprised how easy it is to move easily without constipation. I noticed my urine smelled like chemicals and yet I did not have any infection. I took a break on the 7th day as a day of rest. I noticed my constipation came back. This means I am not done and need to continue for two more weeks. Then I will explore other solutions to cleanse my liver and kidneys and thyroid. I am definitely committed!!
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Great Detox 09/11/2022
By Becky Luna
This worked better than anything I've tried before. I took 5 of each, this worked perfect for me until I ran out of vibrant colon. I really needed to continue this for longer. It was getting rid of this terrible rash I had. The only problem I have now is vibrant colon being out of stock along with anything else I've tried to order. It seems that nothing ever gets restocked. I keep trying and to no avail I can't order anything that I'm looking for. I would love to be notified with any updates on when things will be back in stock.
Our responseHi Becky, the Vibrant Colon is now back in stock! We're so sorry for the delay and are making great efforts to make sure this product stays in stock.
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Wonderful Product 03/19/2019
By Cami
I have been using this product for many many years. It definitely cleans the colon, it's easy to use, and I don't have any problems when I use it. I highly recommend it.
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This works! 11/20/2018
By Barbara D.
Powerful formula! I was very pleased to see positive results within a week of starting this and then even more later. I immediately had a reduction in gas that had been bothering me for a while, and my
small area of eczema that had been going on for 30 years finally improved dramatically. I am so thrilled with this! I wasn't great about doing all the juicing along with this but I did stop dairy and will stay off of that as much as I can in the future. I plan to do another round of these herbs in a few months. Thanks Dr. Foster!
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Great Place to Start 04/03/2014
By Robin Kessel
For several years I have had bowel problems. My gastroenterologist did a colonoscopy and declared I had irritable bowel syndrome. He said the test came back super clean but I was still having issues. I adopted a gluten free diet and that worked for about 2 years. When the symptoms worsened and I was diagnosed with ovarian cysts, my doctor's prescribed the usual hormone therapy and a CT to see if there were any tumors or blockages in my intestines. Needless to say, the hormones were a temporary fix and the cysts came back. (No relief for the digestive problems by the way.) Fed up with conventional medicine, I found Dr. Foster's web site and ordered the intestinal rejuvenation program to start detoxifying my body and hopefully rid myself of both issues. After a two week cleanse, my digestive system is working better than it has in 5 years and I am pain free. I would hightly recommend this product as a place to start if you're looking for an alternative way to get well. Thanks Dr. Foster!
IntestinalRejuvProgF4-3inT Intestinal 1 (Intestinal Rejuvenation Program) SKU: 700067
"Dual action colon cleansing program with the most powerful organic and wildcrafted herbs. Optimum health starts in the gut and this is where healing begins. This program stimulates a sluggish intestinal tract and absorbs many harmful substances from the bowel, including Candida, parasite toxins, toxins from bacteria, viruses, fungi, heavy metals, radioactive residues, pharmaceutical medicine residues, and helps remove intestinal plaque (Bio-Film). It can also help soothe inflamed areas in the bowel, help heal leaky gut and start the healing process.

This is Step One on the way towards optimal health. Do this cleanse BEFORE you do any other cleanse. You do not need to do a parasite cleanse, candida cleanse, get colonics, heal your leaky gut or anything else before you do this cleanse. Most likely what you had will either improve or disappear just from a thorough herbal bowel healing program.

To do a heavy metal cleanse, add Essential Nutrients (double dose) to this program.

Includes the Vibrant Colon Formula and the Colon Detox Caps.

The Vibrant Colon is the regular strength colon formula designed for those who have around 1 to 2 bowel movements per day. For those who have less than one bowel movement per day, use the Intestinal 2 Program or Intestinal 3 Program.

This cleanse can last anywhere from 2 to 4 weeks, depending on your customized dose (see instructions).

  • Make sure to follow the Foster Method Diet and use the Foster Method every 3 months to maintain health for life.

  • For people who have difficulty swallowing capsules, the Vibrant Colon and Colon Detox capsules can be twisted open and mixed with water. The Vibrant Colon herbs will be bitter but can be sweetened with stevia if desired.

  • It is very rare to find a conventionally trained medical doctor who has been using holistic healing methods for decades. These organic and wildcrafted herbs have been clinically proven in Cynthia Foster M.D.'s practice for over 20 yrs. Learn more about Dr. Foster Instructions included. Save 10% over buying Vibrant Colon and Colon Detox Caps separately."