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Sweet Essence Essential Oil Blend

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Sweet Essence, sweet results 05/18/2017
By Theresa Bryant
From the very first time that I tried Sweet Essence, it worked amazingly! I had to start testing again because my A1C went up, due to me not really doing my best to get a good result on my original blood test. I used the product as instructed, and the first time I did, my blood sugar was 133, but it actually came down after breakfast! I blend it with jojoba oil and have never had an issue with sensitivity. I will have to keep this in my "stock" of essential oils to help me maintain a healthy diet and acceptable blood sugar levels. Great product!
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Worked for longtime on A1C 04/26/2016
By Marilyn
I first started searching the web for constipation remedies about 11 years ago when I found Dr Foster's website. I had multiple issues and had difficulty taking prescription drugs (although I had not totally realized yet just how much). I sat downwith my Dr and asked if there were any prescriptions that I could stop taking, at that time I was on approx 25. Some to counteract the side affects that another had given me. At that time I was taking a drug for high blood sugar to medicate my type 2 diabetes. One day the nurse called to tell me that the doctor wanted me to start taking a preventative drug to protect my heart because of the diabetic medication that I was on. That was my wake up call! I stopped most of my prescriptions and supplements and started using essential oils and herbs from Dr Cynthia Foster! Sweet Essence took my A1C from the 6.4-6.7 range to 5.4-5.8 range and it's been that way ever since! I'm so happy with Dr Foster and her exceptional quality products!
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Sweet Essence Blend is an essential oil blend with many uses and functions:

Note: Blood sugar levels have everything to do with hormonal levels in the body. Growth hormone (pituitary), thyroid hormone, cortisol (adrenals), and glucagon (pancreas) all act to raise the blood sugar, while insulin (pancreas) lower it. Diabetics have difficulty recovering their blood sugar levels when they go too low because of weakness in the entire hormonal system, not simply the pancreas.