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Earth's Nutrition Powder

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Earth"s Nutrition Powder 01/12/2024
By Lynn Marcoe
I have purchased this several times and am very happy with the product! I have more energy and started to feel a difference after about a week!! I will continue with this product as long as it is in stock!!
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Super Nutritional 07/08/2023
By Cynthia Boehnke
I started this in May 2023. I have SVT, mild COPD, and Osteoporosis. None of these are really bad, but they wear on a person. Physically worn out, and sleep deprived. Five days after starting Earth's Nutrition I felt many years younger, I had an inner strength back that I did not expect to feel ever again. I had already changed my diet drastically, making friends with veggies. I was still unable to absorb the nutrients needed for feeling healthy. I now think I can age with vitality, I am 62.
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Earth"s Nutrition Powder 05/16/2023
By Lynn Marcoe
I am very happy with my purchase!! The product took about a week to feel like I had more energy and my mood was better...happier, more balanced and calm!! I will continue with Dr. Fosters Essentials because I have tried many different products over the years (I'm 72) and these products are truly the best out there and the prices are exceptional!!!!
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Best Ever 12/01/2021
By Joseph DeMary
I have all the symptoms of adrenal fatigue. Tried other products with minimal relief. The second day I was following the instructions for this product, I could FEEL the difference. As long as it depends on my I will NEVER live without it. Thank you Dr. Foster for your commitment to bring a quality product in natural health which gives true relief and healing to those of us who have suffered from the pain of modern medicine.
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Great for anemic 03/27/2021
By Allison McPherson
When I was diagnosed with osteoporosis and anemia my doctor want me to take calcium supplements and iron. I learn that alkaline diet helps reduce bone loss. Dr. Foster recommended earth Nutrition for anemia. Also all the greens makes it easier to keep that alkaline diet and there’s plant iron in it too. I did not take synthetic iron since it causes constipation. After 2 months, my Doctor rechecked me and says I’m no longer anemic, so I definitely think it’s helping. I give it to my boys too since they sometimes don’t eat enough greens.
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Great energy! 11/02/2020
By Rachel Henderson
I only ordered this because the other product was out of stock. But its quickly proven to be effective in boosting energy levels. I add mine to V8 juice and I dont taste a "green" taste. I've also added it to Almond Milk and it was okay, but prefer V8. I also use a whole scoop instead of 3/4th's as it says on the label. This is definitely a good buy!
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Earth's Nutrition is Essential 04/08/2017
I love Earth Nutrition powder drink. I learned about it over 12 yrs. ago and the individual vegetable components that help detox the body. Doctors told me I had low blood and I'm really satisfied with what this does for my system. It's filling as well as helpful. Please continue with Earth's Nutrition, Dr. Foster.
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I love this stuff 10/03/2015
By Sam
I simply love this. Literally within a half an hour of taking this for the first time my brain felt like it woke up. I have taken many different green drinks. I usually go through two bottles to assess any changes. I have had a couple give good results but most have done nothing. This was the first and only one to have such a profound mental effect. The best way I can describe its effects is that this 'Earth's Nutrition' makes life feel more real. I found it to be very similar mentally to how you feel after the forth or fifth day of a 100% raw food diet and moderately similar but more grounded than the mental clarity gained after fasting for a week(ish).
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Staying Healthy 09/19/2014
By Bob Lowe
My family have been using Dr Foster' s products for thirteen years. Especially the green powder drinks and the Echinacea Premium. We are in our mid-seventies and are enjoying wonderful health. The products are easy to use and are tailored to individual symptoms and situations. I have recommended many of the products to family and friends.
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--> A highly absorbable, bioavailable food-based nutrient dense formula designed to replace synthetic multi vitamin/mineral formulas.