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Detox Chai Spice

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Taste 04/20/2023
By Isabelle
I am still going to give it 5 stars despite the fact that I am not fond of the taste; but as long as the product does the job it does not matter if you like it or not.
Our responseThank you for your feedback, Isabelle! You can definitely sweeten this tea with any natural sweetener such as honey, maple syrup or even zero glycemic sweeteners such as allulose, stevia or monkfruit powder or monk fruit syrup. (I like the monk fruit syrup - it's really "syrupy!) If you like, you can also add some nondairy milk to this tea (or good quality dairy if you have a good source of pasture-raised quality milk). The sweetener and the milk really improve the taste a lot. Hope that helps!
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Detox Chai Spice 03/29/2022
By Jo Ann
I enjoy drinking the detox chai spice tea during my juice cleanse. Its a great alternative to coffee for the week. :)
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Thai spice 10/22/2021
By Tj Bennett
While the blend of herbs and spices are varied and potent, reusing them three or more times reveals their effectiveness!
With only a couple days of sampling this blend, the ‘elimination’ my system experienced was noticeable.
Can’t wait to use it with other cleanse regimes to really flush things out from the inside.
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Mrs 05/18/2021
I purchased the Chai tea because I am going to do the K/GB cleanse and wanted to have some extra. I like the chai blend. It’s easy to drink and very comforting.
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Great everyday detox tea 06/17/2019
By Troy
I picked up a bag of this tea years ago as a part of a detox program, which was very effective. I have about an ounce of this tea left over. This tea can be re-brewed over and over. I have found it to be a great every evening tea. It’s delicious! I have bought a few boxes of another popular detox tea which comes in bags, and I like it, but it does not hold a candle to this tea. This tea contains chunks of roots, etc. it’s spicy but smooth.. I highly recommend this tea as a stand alone product, that will provide hundreds of cups from this one bag,,, it’s a bargain
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An amazing herbal digestive and detoxifying tea, based on an ancient yogi tea recipe.